“All File Types Extension” allows you to upload any file format with Image Manager 

No More “ Invalid file format” errors.

On Opencart Image Manager while uploading a new file format like pdf, doc , ppt etc are you getting “Invalid file type! error ” . That is because the file type you are trying to upload is not allowed .
With “Any File extension “you can upload through your image manager any file format/type.


Pre-requisite: Need vQmod installed

Step -1:
Install “All File Types” Extension

Step 2
From Admin go to Modules> All File Types” extension
Add new file type extension (eg. .pdf , .doc etc) with an icon representing the file 
Add correct MIME type (If available in pre-populated list; enable it)
Save settings

Step 3
You may try uploading the file through Image Manger

Full installation free of cost and support available . Please contact connect@transpacific.in

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All File Types Extensions to upload any file type on Opencart

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The extension allows you to upload any file format with Image Manager. You can upload , PDF catalogs, specification sheets , coral Draw files , videos , instead of product images. No Invalid file type error. Free Installation : connect@transpacific.in

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